About OnlyIAS

A subscriber base of 1 million and still counting, tells the story of trust we have built in the hearts of our students through our various initiatives to serve the noble role of a guiding light in the UPSC Journey, which being the highest coveted dream, also demands proper strategy to lower the risks of failure.

Since its inception in 2016, where our beloved Sumit Sir started an initiative to help simplify the Hindu editorial for students who faced difficulty on the same, our reach has extended out to 2.5 million + students now, as an institution which tries to be a synonym of real companion of aspirants in this journey.

The simple idea of simplifying one of the most important activities of UPSC Preparation gradually panned out to more than 8000 youtube videos, marking an online presence where our student community looks forward to aid their preparation in different ways and in different needs or phases of this examination.

With more than 50,000 enrollments through our website and app, students have shown interest in directly engaging with us, serving to be helpful in their journeys in their own unique ways, due to the personalized attention, remarkable assistance, right guidance and a simulated environment at their home even far off from Delhi, which is said to be the hub of UPSC preparation.

900+ selections till now under different initiatives have provided us to be a part of this fraternity where the zeal to strive and be better enough to fight such high a competition, comes with real learning and consistent honest efforts.

However, the students’ desire for increased engrossment ratio with us have made us think about our offline presence recently as well.

Successful completion of NSAT IAS
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Successful completion of NSAT IAS
LIVE solution Class 20th March at 11:00 a.m
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