Why OnlyIAS?

  • Transparency: You are here to become a bureaucrat and the training starts from our institute itself.


  • We here provide a schedule beforehand so that the students would have an idea of what part of the syllabus is covered and what’s still left.


  • They can keep track of the time and syllabus completion from our side, along with the added benefit of keeping track of their revision as well. The micro-listed syllabus helps them to ensure that they are not leaving behind even the smallest part of the syllabus of any subject.


  • Teacher Accessibility: Heard about Gurukul System?


  • Same is our principle to build and bridge the gap of communication and relationship between our students and teachers.


  • We have ensured to establish student-to-faculty ratio and accessibility to our teachers, so this does not remain just a formality.


  • Supervision (Mentorship): Because we believe that every student deserves equal and undivided attention!


  • Simple math concept of maintaining the ratio which we talked about above, helps us to deliver this promise as well, where we try to ensure regular and personalized supervision by our teachers.


  • In our courses, we design a few tests under schedules in a way to hold regular phased accountability. Tests, once evaluated, are followed by the evaluator guiding the students on mistakes and improvements, as and when required.


  • Enriched Content: Because of the diligent and comprehensive efforts of our team.


  • Most of the selected candidates and sincere aspirants always appreciate our content and also recommend OnlyIAS to their known ones.


  • We feel proud to say that there are only 0.1% of total institutes that are known for their content and we are now one of them.


  • We have established ourselves as one of those institutes, who are known for their content. Be it Mains or Prelims, our content is the choice for the comprehensive and updated one-stop source.


  • Peer Learning: The final stage of this exam is Personality Test and personality is something which cannot be made overnight.


  • The process of regular grooming starts right from the point you decide and gather up preparing for this exam.


  • This exam selects future bureaucrats for this country and as an institution, we have decided to conduct different sessions to do different activities, so that students can also gain practical knowledge or skills beyond books.


  • Punctuality: Punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place at the right time, it is also about taking actions at right time.(A lesson from our elders)


  • So as a UPSC institution, we always try to complete the syllabus on time, as per the schedule provided by us, to inspire or motivate the aspirants to be always punctual and disciplined in their approach towards this examination preparation.


  • Toppers’ Choice : One-stop trust for Content, Free initiatives and Paid initiatives


  • Overwhelming praises from the toppers for the quality and exam-relevant restructured content has resulted into nowhere less than 50% of our enrollments.


  • Be it beginners or repeaters, the well-researched, updated and compiled content makes us their trusted choice.


Successful completion of NSAT IAS
LIVE solution Class 20th March at 11:00 a.m
Successful completion of NSAT IAS
LIVE solution Class 20th March at 11:00 a.m
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