UPSC as such does not define any specific syllabus for the Interview round but being a personality test, the board members here check some of the qualities of the candidate regarding the administrative skills required for handling a position that is so prestigious in the nation due to the responsibilities it brings with itself.


But this still does not mean that you cannot have any guidance regarding the preparation for the final interview round. Based on the prior experiences of the candidates, we have worked out some criterias for the same so that you can have a broad as well defined description how to proceed further with the mindset required for the Interview stage.

The syllabus of interview stage can be broadly classified under two heads-


  1. Qualities
  2. DAF Details


S. No. Qualities How to Display in the Interview
1 Mental Alertness
  • Try to catch the hints given by the board members.
  • Remain mentally and physically engaged with the Board.
  • Try to comprehend and understand questions properly by keeping your focus at each and every word, so that you don’t have to ask Board members to explain again.
2 Balance Of Judgement
  • Try to present a rational argument.
  • Do not take extreme stands based on limited or biased understanding.
  • Give pragmatic and honest solutions which are in line with Constitutional ethos
3 Variety and Depth of Interest
  • Have a strong command on your Optional, Hobbies and other areas of DAF
  • Remain concerned and aware about various socioeconomic problems
4 Ability for social cohesion and leadership
  • Displaying respect for Constitutional values like Fraternity, Equality etc.
  • Respecting India’s Unity and Diversity along with idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
  • Having a good understanding of India’s diverse culture
  • Demonstrating areas where you have worked with a team and/ or times where you led a team with clear vision.
5 Critical powers of assimilation
  • Displaying ability to draw conclusions
  • Clearly understanding the question and reflecting on the matter with rationality
6 Clear and logical exposition
  • Answer the questions in a logical sequence.
  • Most important and relevant things to be covered in a proper orderly fashion
  • Vague and illogical points should be avoided.
7 Intellectual and moral integrity
  • Maintain coherence in your answers while displaying trust and confidence
  • If asked to discuss, you can share some real-life example where you have displayed integrity.


Further, if we talk about the areas to prepare for Interview as the syllabus, then your DAF (Detailed Application Form) decides the questions and syllabus of the interview . So broadly, we can say that apart from those qualities, the below listed points can be said as the syllabus of your interview-


  • Your Optional
  • Your Hobbies and Interest
  • Your Work Experience
  • Your Academic Background
  • Current Affairs


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