1 study too much but I am not able to retain them.
2 forget the things very soon.
3 Cannot recall the things in exam.
4 Sit for whole day but my efficiency is very low.
5 While studying, start thinking about something else.

Have u ever faced such a kind of questions ?

Lets try to find the reasons Why this happens ?

These things happens because we commit one of following mistakes :

1 We keep book in front of us but start thinking about something else like exam failure tension, what will do after getting selected, why left the job and start preparing for UPSC, thinking about these questions, wasting time in thinking about these things how will the efficiency come?
2 Reading but not studying, there is difference between reading and studying, Studying means actually grasping what ever you are studying and reading means just moving the lips.
3 Not frequently revising the things, we are not machine that once you store the things and if search using alt + F4 will publish the same result every time. As machine need frequent maintenance we need more than them.
4 we forget the things because we use only one sense eyes while reading any material if start using other senses like ears and lips then situation will be different.

What is solution for this ?



And yes this is not end, you have to revise it frequently also which is necessary what ever method you follow to study.

Why we start thinking something else because our concentration power is very low, and we have desire to crack UPSC but not enough determination, which can deter us to touch mobile and start browsing internet,some times we also have stress in our mind to fulfill the expectations of parents,family members , UPSC not in sight, life without job at this age trigger the tension and stress which is very usual that’s why we say UPSC is personality test also.Once we start preparing for it, we get trapped in vicious cycle and become UPSC addicted. So study more with full concentration and get rid of this cycle.

There cannot be any readymade solution of this problem, but some common threads may be like :

1. Always have a back up, if not UPSC what else? my suggestion is until and unless you are son of Seth, it gives very positive energy and removes the stress.

2. Take it just an exam not make it life, take some rest, do not make your life hell.

3. Meditation, regular exercise, yoga give you energy and you remain active.

4. Always keep in mind that why you are here if wasting time, are you justifying yourself because our inner voice is strongest vigilance on us, we can cheat whole world except that voice.

Newspaper is most important weapon of the CSE preparation,The Hindu is mostly advisable but Indian express articles are also good and provides a good point of can read the Hindu and reading the different news and editorials only form the Indian express,Economic times reading is not necessary, considering the time constraint, cost benefit is less. Rest you can also read one local newspaper which will make you aware about the local issues which will be beneficent in interview. apart form this will also improve your efficiency in compulsory paper of mains. So here two questions arise.

1. which news to read and which to left ?

2. How to store useful information after reading the newspapers.

Considering evolving dynamic pattern of exam, now it has tricky to decide what to leave and what to read and what to leave :

1. Crime news like rapes, murder type of news are not important, waste of time.

2. Party related news involving politics of parties like BJP and Congress must be cut with in seconds you open the newspaper means no need to even look over those news.

3. Sports news like who won and who lost are not important but major issues related to sports like evolving technology and issue of corruption in sports should be read to develop the perspective on these topics.

4. Particular company related news like Cannon purchased stakes in Tech company,are also not important in the economic section.

5. Other state news which does not belong to your state need to be avoided.

6. On world page, now there you find a issue which has been lingering on for a long time, and daily you find some details related to that topic, like migration issue in Europe , yes you must prepare this topic and its effects on India also but minute details like Today, 500 arrived in Italy, These very minute details are not important, so you can leave daily day to day commentary.

Actually, only key to read the newspapers is having syllabus and previous paper beside you and than decide after analyzing that which news is important and which not.

Now the issue is to compile the news after reading news which is very important if you do not do that does not matter how meticulously you read all will be wiped. So how we can do that :

Out of them, best method is to compile the notes online at Ever note software. It have following advantages as comparison to others :

1. Saves the time, because we can just cut and paste the points form the online The also instead of writing everything manually.

2. Easy to search and store the information, as we can find everything using control + F, no need to preserve the bulky files and notebooks.

3. Where ever you are, now notes making is not problem, you have account on Ever note, it synchronizing the notes on any device which you use by logging in, so even if you are at office or somewhere, you can update your notes by logging in Ever note.

same what is difference while tackling with questions of Prelim and mains :

Prelim Main
Although they also check the conceptual clarity, But More focus on facts More focus on conceptual clarity, even if you do not remember facts, not to worry.
Options are given, so even you do not remember anything may be recalled by seeing the options. You need to remember points, no one will be there to make u recall like in school.
Either you do right or wrong. Even if you write the answers from your side perfectly and you have full knowledge about the topic, it may not fetch marks depending upon writing skills
While reading focus on line by line so no important information is left. Focus on remember the relevant dimensions so that no important dimension is left.

Some sections of syllabus is same. But now let see the difference in geography while studying.

Prelim- we will mug up every important river flowing in the country, their direction, states in which they flow. Any question may come in pre related to this.

But in mains they will not ask that they may ask conceptual questions like why Himalayan rivers flow through out the year. you must be aware about the reasons and actually, u have to remember the points. because if in prelim this questions comes options will be there, you can use famous jugged of using option to get the right answer. So while studying always think which answer is important for prelim and which for the mains.

Lets take another example we are reading Brahmo same which was established in 1828 by Raja ram Mohan Roy. So in this prelim we have to remember important fact, who were the persons associated with it like Dwarkanath tagore, Keshwachander sen, for what cause this was established, questions related to these persons may also come, like what were the newspaper or journals started by Raja ram mohan roy.

But in mains they may ask not directly ask about the Brahamo samaj, “Many effort were made to improve the socio-economic conditions of women in 1800’s, But conservativeness was so entrenched in the society that those efforts brought the little success”. What we learnt the question is not direct and we have to use our knowledge about brahmo samaj and many other like arya samj and explain that statement which is comparative tricky than solving the prelim question.

conclusion- Do not study always form the prelim point of view, always keep the mains previous paper together and try to remember the whole concept, see what can be questions can framed for mains point for view and how they may be answered.

In UPSC preparation, Internet is double edge sword, Because if not used properly it than it results in wastage of lot of time, let alone talk it being assets.There are lot of evil attraction on this like social media sites, you tube, movies. Internet may be useful in following ways

Besides this you can also browse ministries websites and pib, which are also very important.Those who do not have access to book sellers can download the ncert, nios and ignou material online.

But always try to use internet only for relevant things, too much research may be harmful for your preparation, so keep restraint on your self, do not jump form ministery website to flipkart, and do not get emotional with any topic and start doing research on that topic.

Although there are different ways of making the notes but we should always keep in mind the type of material for which are making the notes.

1. Border Notes

Now a days exam syllabus is too much vast and dynamic so making notes of every topic of syllabus is not possible, so best straegy is see what is scattered and need to be compiled like specturm for history does not need line by line notes making on separate note book, what we can do note down important points on margins of the pages.

This strategy is well for those subjects which more have static syllabus like you have read spectum and also want to read B.L grover, what you can do is note down important points on spectrum book which is your basic book.

This strategy you can follow in other subject also, first make a basic book and than see the syllabus, if you find any topic is missing than notes the important points of that part on your basic book.

Line by line notes takes too much time and efforts, cost benefit is very less, like for cuture part make nitin singhaniya notes is your basic source so that actually this much you need not to write and than try to compile the culture notes adding into nitin singhaniya notes form the other sources.

2. Online Notes

Making notes using this method is also very popular these days.Ever note is very useful in this direction through which notes can be made efficiently.

It has following advantages.

1. Easy to compile the complex syllabus.

2. Easily potable, no tension if you have to shift anywhere else.

3. Can be used anywhere in office after synchronize can be updated anywhere.

4. Easily can be searched and found in need.

Newspaper notes can be best compiled using evernote if you read the newspaper online. Just you have to do the copy paste.

Points to be remembered while making notes :

1. you need not make notes in so called moti wali handwriting, just you must understand it later, because time must also be in focus. facebook pe like thoda na lene h achi handwriting k liye.

2. Always try to related notes with you real life what ever you comes in your mind related to that topic. e. g you are reading the problems of NGO and it comes to you mind that your friend works for child labour ngo and he told you that how his ngo is suffering from the financial problems, just write the name of your friend’s ngo while mentioning the point financial problem you will less tendency of forgetting of this point.

Other software like word, notepad can be used if you are conservative about technology.

3. Mind maps are also very helpful while compiling the notes. So one can also install the app like free mind, but it is very time consuming activity. Cost benefit is less so better create the mind map with desi pen itself on the notebook.

Actually the syllabus of Civil services is so vast so heterogeneous and changing pattern coerces us to remember a lot of things. So how to remember so many facts and figures ?

First of all we adopt any method to remember the things, one thing we have to do in every method is frequent revision :

1. Firstly try to make some code like simple questions

Name the states of countries which share boarder with Myanmar, one can make the code word like the code to remember the name of state is ARUNA MAMI, Here ARU=Arunachal Pradesh,NA= Nagaland, Ma=Manipur, Mi=Mizoram

So this kind of code building may help to remember the codes But what if you forget name aurna mami itself so frequent revision is must in every code.

2. You can also install a app Cam Scanner in you android mobile and take the picture of anything you find difficult to remember and after that you can easily browse the picture very frequently at your ease.

3. Use sticky notes.

4. use mind up.

The most important again is revise again and again.

4. Record your voice and listen it again and again.