``Sociology Answer Writing Practice

Dear Aspirants!!

Be ready for the most crucial step in your preparation i.e. Answer Writing Practice (AWP) for Sociology optional that is going to start from today i.e. Sunday (11 am).

Now onwards we will post one question every Sunday and you have to answer that question on our dedicated platform for evaluation (link will be provided below).

Two answers will be chosen for evaluation-One which is most accurate and the Second which needs improvement for the next answer so that everybody can learn without any fear or pressure attached.

Rest answers will be open for peer evaluation as well as self-evaluation.

The frequency of the writing session will depend on your response.

Do not worry if you are not fully prepared. Initially, it’s okay to refer others and learn to write. It’s a process and gradually you will perform better so participate more to Improve and Achieve.

All the best for today’s answer.

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