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This book is a part of UDAAN book series of the prestigious institute OnlyIAS -Nothing Else. This book has been meticulously designed by Sumit Rewri sir and a team of experts, keeping UPSC CSE preliminary examination, 2021 in mind. Based on analysis and trend of past several years of UPSC prelim exam and specifically the dynamic pattern of past 4 years, this book tries to cover all important points and at the same time, it provides enough coverage of the same. From aspirants perspective, reading a book of several hundred pages, and revising it several times takes all of their energy, focus and time. Also, they face the dilemma of what to read, what not to read, what is important and whatnot. And at what depth one topic has to be read. This book is an endeavour and humble and honest attempt by Onlyias NothingElse to resolve all the dilemma and challenges of aspirants. This book is a judicious mix of topic coverage, its depth, segregation based on the importance and simplistic way of learning the subject. We hope that this book helps you in your journey of civil services examination and Onlyias Nothing Else will be grateful to be part of your success