How to Start UPSC/IAS Preparation

Becoming IAS is childhood dream of lakhs of candidates, every year thousands of candidates reach ghettos of IAS Preparation like Rajender nagar, Mukherji nagar in Delhi, to Ashok nagar in Hyderabad for realizing their dream.

Out of them few are serious, few are “Ladla beta/beti” of their parents so to fulfill father’s desire they purchase material, take coaching but never start preparation, some have desire but lack determination, some come with determination after taking one or two attempts loose momentum and become ascetic, some got depressed after one or two failure and they never realize how close they were to success.

Success is nothing more than that few disciplines practiced every day and this article belongs to them.

Some of the most difficult questions of UPSC preparation are How to start ? when to start ? and where to start ? whether to take coaching or rely on self study ? what is sure strategy to crack civil service exam ? Truly speaking there is no answer of these questions. Only aspirants can give answers to these questions depending on their strength and weakness. That’s why you find diversity in toppers, some relied on coaching, some faced coaching institute in their entire life, some have been preparing since their childhood days while others decided to prepare at the last leg of last attempt.

Honestly speaking there is no fixed age when we should start IAS preparation, Earlier we start, better are the chances promotion in services and cracking other exams later in case of failure and settle down in life. To start early also have other wave of benefits like enthusiasm, no or small break into consistent study, that’s different thing that as a graduation is just for killing the time. Toppers like Subhara Saxena decided very late and still came with laurels. Although there is no ideal time, yet it would be better to make foundation by reading newspapers in graduation initial years and in final year of graduation, one can start reading syllabus topics.

Near axis bank in old Rajender Nagar, some friends are gossiping and asks each other when they decided to prepare for ias :

1st Guy Have been preparing since college days, spoiled college life, got less marks also now missing that life
2nd Guy Have been preparing since class 12th
3rd Guy In class 3rd, my parents asked me” Beta bolo ias” so have been preparing 3rd class
4th Guy Started Late But Mera Beta IAS Banegi

Note: Do not forget that many like Subhara Saxena decided at the last leg of eligibility But cracked as topper So jab jago tabhi savera.

Actually it does not matter when you start but once you start you need to prepare religiously otherwise does not matter attempts are 4 or 6, more are the attempts more we become complacent. Rest, parents should also understand that, To motivate and pressurize to crack exam are two different. Please do not spoil the Childhood.

t is very difficult question for the working professional that whether to leave job or simultaneously prepare for the IAS, Again 2015 prelim paper shows that preparing full time does not ensure success in exam and UPSC is evolving the pattern which is more beneficent towards working professionals. If the questions like this are coming into exams, Even books and coaching experts are divided on the answers of these questions but our common sense can only solve this, that too without coaching.

Which one of the following National Parks has a climate that varies from tropical to subtropical, temperate and arctic ?
a) Khangchendzonga National park
b) Nandadevi National Park
c) Neora Valley National Park
d) Namdapha National park

Also leaving job for UPSC also depends upon certain other factors like your financial condition, family support, age,work load and work satisfaction, it is not advisable to give up job and at take attempts at 30, life becomes risky and you have also surpassed your age for taking different exams.

Best solution is, optimum utilization of time while working, keep aside the ayaashi and inculcate the addiction of IAS and those who have not started yet can take leave of maximum possible time and make the foundation so that later they can cope with the revision.How to utilize time will be covered in later section.

Other things working professional can do are, reduce the travelling time to office, study late night, utilize technology extensively for your advantage like evernote for making notes in office, utilize the travelling time by listening videos like big picture, important lectures or your own voice recorder to cram important topics.

Many beginners caught themselves in dilemma that Is it necessary to go to old Rajender nagar, Mukherji nagar kind of places to crack the UPSC exam and take coaching. Answer certainly is not. these places have several disadvantages.

Near Batra Cinema, Aspirants discussing with tea in their hands.

Earliar Now
Availably of resources and material access Now material are easily available on internet and whatever you want can order through online
Information gap at isolated places related exam matter, we remain more aware about the evolving pattern. Lot of forum and groups on social sites exist and there is no information gap in this age of digital India
Motivation and guidance Here we get distract more and leaving with other guys who have also failed in exam make us more complacent towards failure and we convince ourselves that it take years to crack this exam

It is always preferable to stay at home if you can manage but staying there also accompanies several other gifts like :

A Beta kya sara din padhte rahte thoda rest bhi lelo aur market se thoda saman le aayo.
B Chacha aao mere saath chota bheem dekho na.
C Tumhe pata saath wale ghar mein jo ladka rahta h chasme wala jo sara din padta h thoda sanki lagta h muje.
D Beta aaj dur k mama ji aane wale unhe attend karna hai.

So draw solution of these problems before hand and take a separate room if possible and give strict warning against disturbing. If it is not possible take a separate room in same city for exam’s point of view.

Whether to join any coaching centre or rely on self study- answer of course is self study. IAS preparation is not rocket science, those things come in exam which are very easy to understand and can by comprehend from standard text books.At the end we have to crack the exam and joining or not joining is not issue of superiority or inferiority.

Joining Coaching centers have many pros and cons :

Besides this coaching centers at Delhi are very expensive, they exhaust the hard earned money of your parents by convince you that once you take admission in xyz institute, the institute wale themselves will book the tickets for Massoorie. Apart form this, coaching institutes initially teaches good but later just try to wind up the syllabus.

Staying there, one also faces problems we have already discussed above.So Please do not attract by their fancy advertisements like this year topper is from our institute, This year topper Ira Singhal wrote something interesting about the institute form which she took coaching. Also, as many institutes provides freebies like free test and organize seminars, asks us to register and once we participate we are their students.

But still you feel that you cannot cope up without coaching.You should note following points :

1 You need to be regular and attend all the classes.
2 You joined the coaching because you were having doubts regarding concept clarity and syllabus coverage so never ever hesitate to ask the questions from the faculty.
3 You have paid money so you have every right to demand the good faculty and full coverage of syllabus.
4 Make friends, they are essential in this journey but need not to have network like munna bhai.
5 Whatever be taught in class, read those topics form books regularly, do not solely on coaching.

1. So it seems that self study is best with above advantages .But self study also have some requirements. First of all, erase this form your mind that you have not taken coaching and you are behind the others by thinking this you yourself demotivating yourself.

2. No need to make I m legend movie, remain in touch with other UPSC aspirants and frequently visit the Forums and make a group for group study.

3. you need to do the frequents assessments of your study agendas whether you are on right track, do not deceive yourself.

4. you also need to have restraint on yourself like need to bring your consistency and avoid focus on other things and adopt ho jayega attitute