Geography Optional

When it is a question of 500 marks, Optional is a game-changer. To secure top rank, aspirants must score well in Optional. Geography optional is one of the most recommended optional as not only it is scientific as well as a social subject, but it also covers a good part of General Studies too. General Studies is a kind of generic subject whereas Geography is a technical subject with a huge syllabus, hence it needs sufficient time to prepare. Rather than waiting for Prelims to get, start your preparation immediately for Geography Optional subject with OnlyIAS.

OnlyIAS designs every course in a very scientific manner so that all the issues of aspirants get resolved through it.

So here is the answer to all your possible doubts of how OnlyIAS will resolve all the issues of the Geography Optional Paper in this Mains course-

Now the question is what are the features of this course:

-250+ Hours of lectures

-100% coverage of syllabus.

Every mentioned topic will be covered with the help of lots of diagrams, maps, and animation

-Mapping India and World

-Coverage from multiple standard books

-Explained in very lucid language to understand the tough concepts in the easiest way

-NCERT integrated

-PYQ Discussion

-Doubt Clearing sessions

– Test series

– Answer writing classes


Advantages of Geography Optional


Geography comes with its own list of Pros and Cons but Pros out weight cons, like-

  1. A defined syllabus makes it easier to prepare
  2. It’s a very interesting subject which not only helps you in covering GS (Prelims and Mains) but understanding the day-to-day nature around you.
  3. No need to mug up , just need to study smart and cover the syllabus.
  4. Availability of sufficient standard books in the market.
  5. Scoring subject, if you understand the core concept clearly.
  6. The inclusion of maps, diagrams, flowcharts makes it easier to explain and score in exam
  7. Linkage with static and contemporary makes it very helpful in GS answer writing.
  8. Easy and scoring map based questions

Maybe you are still confused in selecting an Optional or following the advice of the other. We can help you to clear this confusion.

The first step while choosing an optional subject is to listen to toppers’ interviews but don’t follow them blindly. Every aspirant has a different background and thus different weaknesses and strengths. So while watching the interview you can note down good points of their experience and then apply them as per your personal requirement. But trust us the best solution to this is to analyze religiously the syllabus and PYQ of the optional paper which you want to opt. Then only you will be able to rationally select the right Optional subject for yourself. And most importantly, opt for an option that interests you.