To prepare for INDIAN POLITY for any competitive exam, aspirants have to know about Centre-State Relations. It gives an idea of all the important topics for the IAS Exam and the polity syllabus (GS-II.). This is an essential portion of the polity.  As IAS aspirants, you should be thorough with Centre-State Relations. In this article, you can read all about the Frictional Areas in Centre-State Relations.


  • Mode of appointment and dismissal of governor;
  • Discriminatory and partisan role of governors;
  • Imposition of President’s Rule for partisan interests;
  • Deployment of Central forces in the states to maintain law and order;
  • Reservation of state bills for the consideration of the President;
  • Discrimination in financial allocations to the states;
  • Role of Planning Commission in approving state projects;
  • Management of All-India Services (IAS, IPS, and IFS);
  • Use of electronic media for political purposes;
  • Appointment of inquiry commissions against the chief ministers;
  • Sharing of finances (between Centre and states);
  • Encroachment by the Centre on the State List.