To prepare for Indian Polity for any competitive exam, aspirants have to know about the basics of Federal Governance. It gives an idea of all the topics important for the IAS Exam and the polity syllabus (GS-II). Federal Governance and related topics are extremely important for the UPSC Exam. This is an essential portion of the polity. As IAS aspirants, you should be thorough with the Federal Governance. This article will provide you with relevant details about Phrases for MAINS.


  • “Asymmetric federalism” (E.g. Special provisions for some state, 5th and 6th sch.)
  • Cooperative and Competitive federalism (E.g. GST and Indexes by NITI resp.)
  • “3Ss” – Samovar – Samanvay – Samadhan
  • Indian federalism- “Indestructible union of destructible states”
  • Holding together vs Coming together (E.g. India vs USA model)
  • Federalism With “Unitary Bias”
  • Rajya Sabha symbolizes “Federal equilibrium”