Cracking IAS is not a rocket science, it is all about strategy. What we read? How we read and in how depth and most important at what time we read these things. Now prelim is more than 5 month away, maximum we require 3 month for prelim exam,But finally to secure the handsome rank we will certainly have to rely on optional, Ethics and Essay.For ethics and essay we will start the initiative shortly.Now It is most appropriate time to give final touch to the optional.

We must be ready with our optional preparation,  and after prelim we just do not  say that yaar mera to mains prepare nahi, name in the final list matters.we have to win the full war, not single battle, also for GS and current related questions, you can practice at  IASbaba and insights.

In this initiative of writing practice. We request to you at least write one question daily, if you are unable to write, review is art from which you share your knowledge with others also, and get their knowledge.This is how our mutual effort derives us towards can also write your opinion in this initiative of opinion builder.

  As you know it is difficult to have expertise in all the optionals.  We are going to start this initiative, but without your active participation this initiative cannot be successful and success according to us is even if single person is benefitted, if anyone wants to volunteer in your optional writing practice please mail us at [email protected] with subject as your optional name.

we again say even if single person is benefitted, we are happy to serve you. Strategy demands optional writing practice at this stage, till April end you will be perfect in your optional.

we will start this initiative for each optional according to availability of back up support.