Do you support, India’s participation in china’s proposed One Road One Belt initiative?


Points in Favour of Joining


  • As all neighbours  of India are joining, so India cannot remain isolate for long.
  • will get vast market
  • investment
  • Energy security
  • From this initiative, this south Asian region will tend towards stability, which is also in India’s interest.
  • Prosper region will may the cause of terror organizations irrelevant.
  • Facilitates India to balance the trade loss by TPP.


Points Against joining


  • one of its offshoot is passing through POK, which is against India’s sovereignty
  • china influence in this region will increase.
  • North East security concerns
  • China’s presence in Indian ocean will also increase, raising security concerns for India.
  • China’s products may flood India’s Market
  • Against USA’s Pivot policy which India is Part of
  • Being a major competitor in African market, India may lose its trade portion.
  • Disturbs the healthy relations of India with U.S. in terms of trade sanctions.


These are just points, what do you think? write your opinion.