With more and more newly constituted countries showing their inclination towards Proportional representation system, do you think it is right time to gradually abolish First Past the Post system and bring Proportionally representation system in India also?



Advantages of First Past the Post system

  1. Simple to understand
  2. Allows independent candidate to be elected
  3. have provision in which people can choose candidates rather than parties
  4. deters extremist parties to have representation like Kashmir issue suppose if they separatist get elected to parliament, parliament will rarely work
  5. India is very vast and diverse, this system provides us coherent opposition in the house.
  6. Ideally this provides the stability but India’s case is somewhat exception.


Advantages of Proportional representation system.
1. More representative.
2.Minority have more faith in system, because they get their dues.
3.very few wasted votes.
4.Power sharing more visible between political parties and interest groups.
5.Growth of regional political parties and organization.
It is just hint, Now give your opinion, what do you think ?