First of all, I explicitly say that if you are looking for magic solution to clear the pre, I will perhaps disappoint you, because I am going to repeat only those points which you are already aware of, but yes, either you forget or do not use at appropriate time.

1. Always notice whether the question is asking correct or incorrect.
Sabse jyada dukh hota h Inn questions k galat hone ka. So first thing first, Mark the circle on incorrect, it will be easy to remember while solving.


2. Try to eliminate as many options you can remove.This saves time and brings efficiency and clarity in solving the questions, it is like more and more sand we remove, more are chances of locating gold in gold mine. Why to bear burden of those options, Make a cut mark in front of those options.


3. Always read all the options carefully, even if you are sure about first option being correct. some times, UPSC asks about the most appropriate options, your first looked option may be right, but one of the below written option may be more Make it line of stone to read all the options, it takes very few seconds to read which perhaps is not a serious problem as comparison to CSAT.

4. Try to use the relative knowledge, no question is direct here, you have to use your knowledge gathered here or there.

Q. Whether Indus valley civilization was aware about the wheel?

You may not be aware about this fact, but relative knowledge like you know about toy cart will help to think about the wheel, directly you have not anywhere, but this also depends on our mind, this thinking capacity can be increased with practicing questions before exam.
Again, whether bhakti movement was completely based on Krishna bhakti, no mention of ram. you know Tulsidas was there at that time, he is associated with Ramayana.

Dimag ki bati jagane ki jarurat h practice se jagegi, mentos khakar nahi.

5. Always try to observe the extreme words.
Extreme words bole toh only, few, fully,completely,except,without. These are the words used by paper setters to trap the students. But provided proper practice, we can use these words for our benefit, this trick works only when you have risk taking capability of situation allows you.


What are the significances of a practical approach to sugarcane production known as ‘Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative’?

1. Seed cost is very low in this compared to the conventional method of cultivation.
2. Drip irrigation can be practiced very effectively in this.
There is no application of chemical/ inorganic fertilizers at all in this.
4. The scope for intercropping is more in this compared to the conventional method of cultivation.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

(a) 1 and 3 only
(b) 1, 2 and 4 only
(c) 2, 3 and 4 only
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

Look at third option, which is quite extreme, if you take risk and assume it incorrect then you solve the question because 3 is in every option except b, Which is right answer.

6. Most of time general statements about scheme are correct?  if they ask about specific data,this trick may backfire like desi katta. Again saying,  general statements are more often supposed to be true, which praises the govt. But no guarantee like Chinese material.

7. Always try to read the question carefully, there are some trite questions, but now a day UPSC make twist and make us to mark incorrect choice.

Like it is  very common question they ask about the first women president of Congress, Annie besant, but late we found that when they asked about Indian women president of congress. And then we get baba ji ka thullu out of that question, so read question carefully, they change one or two word and we get in trap like greedy fox, who wants to fetch marks as early as possible.

8.  if you are able to eliminate two answers with surety, try to attempt that question, risk lena toh banta h.Cost benefit also allows us to go for that, but jinka dil kamjor h aur baad mein repent karne mein yakin rakhte h, they must restraint themselves to make this so called intelligent guess.

9. Never ever take risk when you are not able to eliminate any option or eliminate just one.but, why we do that, two types of people tend to that

A. Those who do not have confidence, they always think, aree yaar bahut kam question attempt hue h wo b pata nahi thik h ya galat, but later those repent, actually those lastly attempted questions were majorly responsible for failure..

B. Those, who are not well prepared and go in examination Hall, unko toh apni kismat jarur aajmani chayie, kya bata bajrang bali ki kripa Ho jaye, waise UPSC always favors these kind of people and treat them like son of law.


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