This is second day of our securing back up and Strengthening initiative, We need just 3 months, After that we will completely focus on UPSC, that is our main only, In 90 days, 1 hour daily,if you  practice regularly and follow our schedule,  you will be having edge in Qant for exams like ssc, RBI.


What we want is that, all those who are following this initiative, need to help each other, in this way, thinking that why I tell him/her, it will waste my time, is certainly narrow thinking, you are missing the bigger picture, btw all are mature enough.


Today we are increasing the no. of questions.


1.Click here to solve part 1 of Day 2

2. Click here to solve part 2 of Day 2

3. Click here to solve part 3 of Day 2

4. Click here to solve part 4 of day 2

5. Click here to solve part 5 of day 2



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Solve and post your doubts here, Other are also requested the doubts of your fellow aspirants and we would also try our best to address your doubts.