is a community effort to bridge the gap between have and have not’s, an effort to make IAS preparation easy and enjoyable. It is also platform for Group preparation.

Lets start journey for Mission 2016.

Now a days prelim questions pattern is such that they are not asking questions directly from books, so it is very important to practice more and more questions, so regular and sufficient practice will certainly boost our preparation.

Taking leaf from this, we have decided to commence the daily quiz.Daily Quiz will be started from 12th December, 2015 and go on till 15 July, 2016. It will be daily activity. Initially the magnitude of question will be around 10, but gradually the no. Of questions may be increased. The quality of questions will be strictly according to UPSC prelim only.We will also cover previous years relevant questions, we will not hesitate to include the questions of other major institutes test series. This will be supplemented by All India Prelim Test Free which will start from 31th January provided availability of resources.

One important thing,In daily quiz, there will be a page to discuss the questions with the other community members, so this platform will help to make your concepts stronger by having healthy discussions with other fellow members, so to promote this group discussion, we deliberately will not give the explanations of the questions.Quiz will be published daily but time is not fixed so it is advisable to subscribe to so that you do not miss even a single quiz and lag in this mission 2016.

Till 15, July, 2016, almost 250-300 quizs will be held, sometimes multiple quiz in a day. So in this way, we plan to cover almost 3500-4000 questions, as we say, only quality questions will be taken so this means all the syllabus will be covered.

Besides this, other hidden but important and scattered topics like GS tricks to easily remember the difficult facts, International organizations, math(quant) tricks, Schemes will be covered, as we say this is community effort, members are also encouraged to share their strategy, resource or any other vital information related to UPSC preparation at our email id. [email protected]

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