You might have opened this tab to know about the strategy to followed to fetch awesome marks in Ethics. But I want to disappoint you that we are not going to give any strategy for ethics. Indeed, following any strategy in ethics will do more harm than good, now you may have concern that we may not use appropriate content without using strategy, and write whatever comes in mind.That is what they want us to write.

Believe us using sophisticated and complicated terms like hedonism,utilitarianism make our writing fabricated, examiners after reading this have belief that writer is fake, does not have his/her opinion, pretending to be someone else by including hefty terms and jargons.

lets read what IRS of 2013 Batch has to say about his mistake in ethics,

“My biggest mistake in ethics was reading too many books, which cost me heavily, my friends did not read anything got more marks than me.”

Marks depend on various other factor, this may not be only factor responsible for getting less marks, Also this does not mean that we will not study ethics and ignore it, we will study in strategic manner.

 As this exam does not need any special content, we just have to pour over thoughts on answer sheets, But our thoughts must be mobilized and not only honest but all look like honest also, we must be explicit in our thinking, not ambiguous, so no book is needed, you can read the book just to clear basic terms. we will try to develop your thought process in this initiative, by giving some examples and how to use things.