Gold Monetization scheme

S.No. Important Points
1. Minimum deposit= 30 grams
2. Shot terms=(1-3 years),Medium terms(5-7 years), Long terms(12-15 years)
3. Interest=2.25-2.5%
4. To run till maturity until depositors withdraw them
5. Resident Indians, MFs and ETFs can make the deposits


Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

S.No. Important Points
1. Period=8 years, exit option after 3 years
2. Minimum permissible investment = 2 grams
3. Interest=2.75% paid semi annually
4. To be sold through bank and post office


Gold Coin and Bullion

S.No. Important Points
1. First ever gold coins minted in India
2. Ashok Chakra and Mahatma Gandhi engrave on either sides
3. Available in denominations of 5,10, 20 grams
4. Available in MMTC branches, bank and post offices