Yes, you might be thinking what is relevance of starting this quantitative initiative for UPSC preparation after scrapping the CSAT,  You will wonder that even after making the CSAT qualifying i.e now we need only 66 marks out of 200 to pass this hurdle, so many fellow aspirants have concerns about this paper.

 This is not like other initiative, in this we will publish techniques through which questions can be solved quickly, and one important thing, As it is difficult to make these tricks comprehensive on webpage so images of handwritten notes will be published.

Almost daily one or two questions or their techniques mainly to solve the questions quickly  followed by discussion among the community member, will certainly led to shedding any concern. In this way drop by drop, will develop strong grasp over this subject.

One other important reason of commencing this initiative is, after scraping of CSAT, fellow aspirants find it  difficult to crack other exams like SSC, RBI, SBI, IBPS. Because now syllabus is no more mutual as CAST is only qualifying in nature.And aspirants always remain in dilemma that whether to devote  time for other exams or not. This initiative will immensely helpful to those guys for cracking such exams.